Middle of the week pickmeup!

It started with a sale. A sale led to clicking the buttons and then next thing I knew I was authorizing paypal to please to be sending money on to Sock Dreams

Nownow, don’t look at me like that. We’ve all done it. Now I’m going to share some reasons why we do it, and maybe why you should too.

First, do not be afraid of colour. I don’t care if you’re the battiest gothic princess to ever goth! Colour has its place. A red velvet choker. Slick lines of pink lace on a hat, or even just a bit of chocolate brown streaks in inky black hair. Colour adds depth and who wants to be flat? Which was how my shopping expedition began:

Purple striped socks!

Sock Dreams has these fantastic striped socks on sale! SALE! One of my favourite words, right after homemade and for me?! ! They are limited edition and their basic shipping is free! Check out the striped tights while you’re looking, and they do come in larger sizes. Don’t shy from stripes and colour just because you’re not the magazine ideal. Real women deserve decadence! All women deserve decadence!

While you’re at it, check out the fantastic tatted necklaces by SnappyTatter on etsy.

Last but not least, and I will likely link to this site weekely, is the amazing makeup from Lime Crime Makeup! Xenia has created the most amazing line of vibrant eyeshadows, and soon to come lipsticks, that go on true to colour, are bright and brilliant, and are guaranteed to make you stand out.


Welcome to Decadent Charm

Greetings.  As mistress of this website, I Miss Lunacy Decadence, welcome each and every one of you to my virtual salon. In the coming days, you will be privy to private musings, whimsical craft projects, shopping delights and creative ideas for those that love and embrace the decadent lifestyles.

All those that are delightful and charming, or want to be, are welcome.  Using one’s mind is welcomed and encouraged. A sharp tongue is a good thing. Intentional vitriol with the desire to harm and wound is not welcome here.

Love, luck and lollipops,

Miss Lunacy